Former FBI Director James Comey still is being questioned by the Senate Intel Committee about his interaction with President Donald Trump, who sacked him in May, calling him a showboat and grandstanders whose Russia investigation was putting strain on him.

Asked if he thought Trump recorded any of the nine conversations Comey had with Trump, as detailed in his prepared remarks to the committee,  Comey said., ”It never occurred until the president’s tweet. And, I’m not being facetious, I hope there are. I all I can do is hope. The President surely knows whether he taped and, if he did, my feelings aren’t hurt, release all the tapes; I’m good with it.”

The president took to Twitter in May, after sacking Comey, to tell him to think twice, in case he’s mulling whether to publicly contradict Trump’s assertion that the now-former FBI director three times assured Trump he was not under investigation, at a dinner and on the phone.

POTUS told NBC News’ Lester Holt in an interview that Comey had asked to have dinner with him in January because he wanted to hang on to his job. At today’s hearing, Comey said that was not true and that he did not initiate the dinner or any of their phone conversations.

During that dinner, Trump said Comey first assured him he was not under investigation as part of the bureau’s probe of possible Trump campaign collusion in Russia’s election meddling:

 Trump’s tweet seemed to suggest Trump had recorded those conversations, though he refused to elaborate in a Fox News Channel interview days later.  The tweet triggered TV news pundit to talk – again – of Richard Nixon and Watergate. Those pundits thought Trump ought to know that if he did record that dinner or those two phone calls he does not own them; they are federal records, thanks to Nixon.