International media reacted largely in horror to President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the historic Paris Accord on Climate Change on Thursday with many major news outlets slamming the former reality TV star for the move.

British media was stunned, with left-leaning paper The Guardian saying “Trump passed on the best deal the planet has ever seen.” David Suzuki said in the opinion piece that “his rationale for abandoning the Paris agreement is outdated and false. Now, America forges its own, lonely path in being shackled to coal and fossil fuels.” On Tuesday morning, the paper led with the story “Europe vows to keep fighting global warming after U.S. withdrawal” citing French President Emmanuel Macron, who made a moving speech saying it was the world’s duty is to “make our planet great again.”

BBC’s environment correspondent Matt McGrath said “the world’s not laughing, Donald, it’s crying” while The Telegraph’s Rob Bailey said Trump “will harm America most by pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement.”

A Telegraph illustrator imagined how the polar bears must feel with Trump’s decision:

Brit tabloid the Daily Mail, meanwhile, had the headline: “The world unites to condemn Trump: US president is warned that he cannot renegotiate climate deal as China vows to uphold the ‘hard-won’ accord.”

Germany’s tabloid Berliner Kurier’s cover said “Earth to Trump: F**k you!” while the country’s Suddeutsche Zeitung said “Europeans defy Trump and reject Paris renegotiation.” Swiss outlet Le Temps said “Donald Trump, the grave-digger of America’s credibility.”

French paper Le Figaro largely led with various headlines slamming Trump’s decision, saying the U.S. President had just “given the finger to the rest of the world” while Le Monde slammed the decision as part of a “systematic attack” from Trump’s administration on the legacy of Barack Obama. Daily Liberation deemed it a “historical error” and “international shame.”

Meanwhile, Israel’s Jerusalem Post also pointed to the disdain in their country for the decision. The paper had a headline that said “Israeli Greens slam Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris agreement.”

China’s state-backed People’s Daily Online pointed to China’s commitment to the treaty and said “China and EU to tackle climate change together amid U.S. retreat.” China Daily meanwhile ran a more straightforward piece with the headline “Trump announces U.S. is exiting Paris climate pact.”