Fox News Channel: No longer tagged as “Fair & Balanced.” Now it’s “Most Watched-Most Trusted.”

The cable news network has dropped its longstanding “F&B” marketing tag in favor of a new one, so as to further distance itself from ousted chief Roger Ailes.

The tag has been with the network since Ailes launched it in 1996, noted New York mag’s All-Things-Fox-News reporter Gabe Sherman, who broke this story.

Ailes was shown the door in August. A Fox News spokesperson tells Deadline the tagline hasn’t been used in external marketing or on-air promos since August, adding, “the shift had nothing to do with programming or editorial decisions.”

Serious students of FNC may have noticed the network also hasn’t much used its “We Report, You Decide” and “Most Powerful Name In News” tags much lately. But “Fair & Balanced” definitely was the best known, and most mockable, tag. Or, as Sherman described it: “Ailes’ cynical genius at its most successful.”