Emmy nomination voting opens Monday, so Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil and I are engaging in another series of our prediction smackdowns. Starting it off today, we tackle the fiercely competitiveDrama Series category.

It’s the most hotly contested in years, with several new series vying for a nom including that very Netflix entry called, yes, The Crown. There also are several other hot new contenders threatening to shake up this particular race including Netflix’s Stranger Things, HBO’s Westworld, Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Starz’s American Gods and a rare hot prospect from one of the big four commercial networks who have been largely AWOL from this category for years, NBC’s breakout This Is Us.   

And that’s just scratching the surface as Tom and I survey the landscape that includes several veteran shows aiming to return to the contest and throw some punches at one another in trying to figure out who the new big winner could be since Game oOf Thrones, Drama Series champ for the past two seasons, is out of the race this time around.

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