No one really thinks the Trump Administration wants to send kids to the factories and sweatshops, but last night’s Minorgate was good for more than a few social media laughs anyway.

In case you missed it, a now-deleted video posted on the president’s official Facebook page included a clip of Donald Trump’s speech from Friday’s rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, during which Trump extolled the virtues of “clean, beautiful coal” and boasted of “putting our miners back to work.”

Well, that’s what he said, but whoever captioned the video wrote “minors,” a silly, un-spell-checkable gaffe that prompted a day-long barrage of social media snark (and, who knows, maybe a resume or two departing the White House video team).

Here are some of the zings – and we save the best for last, so read on…

And this:

But the best by far is this much-shared clip from 1999’s Galaxy Quest, with the late, great Alan Rickman delivering the line to Tony Shalhoub that was on the tip of a nation’s tongue all day. Enjoy: