“It’s always terrific to be able to leave that Washington swamp and spend time with the truly hard working people we call American Patriots, truly amazing people,” President Donald Trump told a crowd attending his latest still-campaigning rally, in  Cedar Rapids, Iowa, aka “home of the greatest wrestlers in the world.”

Trump quickly congratulated Karen Handel on Tuesday night’s win in the Georgia special election.

Karen is going to be really incredible,” Trump said of the politician who beat Congressional staffer turned documentary filmmaker Jon Osoff in the race to finish out Tom Price’s term in Georgia’s 16th district.

Trump also sent greetings to “our courageous friend Steve Scalise and everyone recovering from” the shooting at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia.

“He is a great guy … we’re praying for you, we’re pulling for you. You have our full support …and our gratitude tonight goes out as well to the Capitol Police who saved so many lives.”

Trump said he hoped the country “emerges from this ordeal more unified and more determined than ever. And I can see it; we are more unified then ever before,” Trump insisted.

“If we set aside the cynics and the critics, we have a chance…to do extraordinary things for our country in the years ahead,” Trump said, without explaining what he meant by “set aside.”