UPDATE with reactions President Donald Trump had suggested he might live-tweet today’s James Comey testimony, but that job seems to have been left to his son Donald Trump Jr. An hour into the televised Senate testimony the First Son was nearing 20 tweets, and showed no sign of letting up.

Early on Trump Jr. referred to “the Flynn stuff” as “BS,” and then later mocked Comey’s comment about being “a stronger guy.”

With comments like that, who needs Dad?

Trump Jr. also re-tweeted a message from someone who goes by the Twitter handle “CNN Is ISIS & Hitler.” The message itself was benign – “There’s a shock,” in reference to Comey saying The New York Times got something wrong – but it’s probably never a good idea for a First Son to have ISIS and Hitler snarks on his Twitter page.

The tweets drew fast responses, some funny, some not so funny. Here are a few, including one from podcaster-not-actor Jon Favreau.

Take a look at a few examples of Trump Jr’s tweets.