On her show, the CW’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom often breaks into a song to illustrate how she feels about things. Now she is using the approach to express her true feelings about awards shows (hint, she doesn’t care, or so she says).

In an FYC Emmy video released by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend producer CBS TV Studios, series co-creator/star Rachel Bloom and co-creator/showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna are in a meeting with a PR executive. When the topic turns to brainstorming ideas for the show’s Emmy campaign, Bloom would not have it and goes into an elaborate musical number to prove it. While professing her disdain for awards shows, Bloom — a Golden Globe winner for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend who is seeking her first Emmy nomination for the musical comedy — still manages to squeeze in a thank-you to her boss, CBS honcho Leslie Moonves. You can watch the video above.