Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies sure knows how to create a moment: The premiere episode of his new The Jim Jefferies Show included a few-second appearance by an unbilled Brad Pitt as a doom-forecasting weatherman.

Jefferies – who shouted down and flipped off a Donald Trump-defending Piers Morgan last February on Real Time with Bill Maher Maher – set up the Pitt bit with a reference to Trump’s Paris Accord exit, then tossed to “our own Jim Jefferies Show weatherman.”

Cut to Pitt in a bad, mostly brown suit in front of a very red weather map. “Things are going to be getting warmer in this area here,” Pitt said, motioning to half the world, “and this area here,” pointing to the other half.

“There is no future,” was Pitt’s kicker.

The Jim Jefferies Show, with the outspoken Australian comic holding forth on all manner of topics, airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c pm on Comedy Central.

Take a look at the clip above. Don’t blink.