Bill O’Reilly, the Fox News host-turned-podcaster, has vowed again to reveal the left-wing conspiracy behind his firing. According to a report on CNN’s website, O’Reilly told a Long Island, New York, crowd of fans yesterday that details could be forthcoming in “weeks to come.”

“In the weeks to come, there will be a bunch of news stories that will explain what happened and why it happened,” O’Reilly said from the stage of his “The Spin Stops Here Tour” at the NYCB Theatre in Westbury, Long Island.

“It’s pretty grisly,” said O’Reilly (pictured above in 2016). “It’s pretty nasty. It has to do with far-left progressive organizations that are bent on destroying anybody with whom they disagree, including the president.”

O’Reilly was ousted from Fox News after The New York Times reported in April that he and 21st Century Fox had paid out $13 million in settlements with five woman who complained about sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior.

At his show on Saturday – he does the tour with Dennis Miller – O’Reilly begged off going into detail on whatever bombshells might or might not fall. “I can’t really get into depth about why I left Fox and what’s going to happen now,” he said, “because my lawyers are pleading with me, ‘For once in your life, O’Reilly, could you just shut up?'”

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