Membership ratification of the new WGA film and TV contract will begin Friday, with online voting scheduled to end May 24. WGA West members can also vote in person at a special membership meeting at the guild’s headquarters May 23. WGA East members will also be voting on the new pact.

The ratification vote – expected to be receive overwhelming membership approval – will bring to an end months of strike threats and sets the stage for a similar deal for actors, whose film and TV contract talks begin later this month.

The new WGA contract provides more than $65 million in employer contributions to rescue the guilds’ ailing health plan; increased compensation for writers working on shows with short-order seasons; increased residuals from made-for-Pay TV shows, and expanded limits on options and exclusivity – all of which were major goals of the guilds going into the talks.

“Did we get everything we wanted? No,” guild told their members shortly after a deal was reached in the early morning hours of May 2. “Everything we deserve? Certainly not. But because we had the near-unanimous backing of you and your fellow writers, we were able to achieve a deal that will net this guild’s members $130 million more, over the life of the contract, than the pattern we were expected to accept.”