It’s a scorcher of a final day of the 2017 broadcast upfront presentations, with ad buyers, producers, agents and reporters seeking refuge from the 90+degree New York heat inside the New York City Center where the CW is the last network to present its fall lineup. Follow our live blog for updates.


Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:11 am

In a CW upfront tradition, the presentation opens with a song premiere, this time it’s rock band Muse and their their new single, “Dig Down.” Notable previous opening numbers include such summer hits as Katy Perry’s “California Girls”, Fitz and the Tantrum’s “Hand Clap,” Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks” and Icona Pop’s “I Love It”. 

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:14 am

The CW’s head of sales Rick Tuck touts the network’s digital reach, and the ownership of all of the CW’s in-season stacking rights as of this season, which has led to doubling the number of initiated episodes. 

After a clip, he returns in a green superhero cape with a big $ on the back. “I’m Salesman,” he tells inquisitive stars Melissa Benoist of “Supergirl” and Caity Lotz of “Legends of Tomorrow” in the type of rehearsed and slightly awkward banter the CW presentations are known for. 
Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:22 am

Next up, it’s “real-life superhero” Mark Pedowitz as Tuck introduces him. “The CW has evolved from a linear network to a broadcast-digital hybrid to a true multi-platform success,” the CW president says. The network’s median age — on TV: 45; on VOD: 36; on Digital: 26.

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:24 am

We’re at our third new military drama trailer this week with the CW’s “Valor.” “Nothing is as it seems,” star Matt Barr says on stage of the thirller. “We can’t wait for you to unwrap the mystery this fall,” says co-star Christina Ochoa. Awkward.

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:29 am

Here comes “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez, who has become as a great CW upfront tradition. She is a revelation and always speaks from the heart. She doesn’t disappoint with another heart-felt speech about inclusion and embracing our differences. 

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:34 am

“I’m an artist, and I see the world through that lens. It tears down misconceptions, opens eyes to the beauty of out differences. We can’t all be the same but we can learn a lot about what we are not. The CW uses its platform to build bridges for understanding and inclusion. Wanna join? The doors are wide open, baby.”

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:36 am

Next is the highest-profile new CW series, “Dynasty”. The audience is clapping at the shear mention of the title. The trailer, which features anything you would expect from a soap, including slaps and catfight, plays well. Pedowitz calls the reboot “delicious and decadent”. The entire cast is on hand on stage.

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:44 am

Rodriguez’s new (old) neighbor —  on Monday and now on Friday — “Crazy Ex-Girfriend'”s Rachel Bloom, is joined on stage by her co-stars for a musical number. 

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:47 am

Pedowitz introduces the stars of the “indestructible” veteran drama “Supernatural” Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Deadpanned Ackles, “Yeah, still here after 12 years. And it’s not getting easier, I’m sweating bullets.” The two announce a special Scooby-Doo animated “Supernatural” episode for next season.

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:53 am

The CW presentation elicited a huge “aww” from the audience with a video of a cute little puppy from the puppy litter the CW Good initiative has sponsored for Guide Dogs of America.

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:56 am

Like Gina Rodriguez, Lucy Hale goes off-script to talk about her new midseason CW series “Life Sentence” and it works. She is endearing and seeks out series executive producer Bill Lawrence in the audience to recognize him. 

Nellie Andreeva May 18, 20178:59 am

Pedowitz hammers home the message of multi-platform success in his closing remarks before inviting everyone outside for a glass of Dynasty champagne. We’re done in less than an hour.