Right about the time Donald Trump fans collapsed in exhaustion Tuesday night, causing #FireColbert to stop trending worldwide on Twitter, Colbert’s Tuesday’s Late Show was airing on the East Coast and he was not talking about his Monday monologue, which had all those Team Trump-sters so knicker-knotted.

Instead, Colbert was telling his audience to go watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Monday monologue:

“Last night was one of the rare times I did not just watch our show. I also watched our dear friend Jimmy Kimmel.


And I just want to say to anybody out there, that if you haven’t seen Jimmy’s monologue last night – about his child, who was born with a heart defect and they had to have surgery and the first surgery was successful and thankfully his son, Billy is home with him and his wife – please go watch it. It’s an absolutely beautiful, heartfelt story. And it’s a call for all people to have access to the same quality health care, because it is a basic human need, and an aspect of our dignity as citizens of the United States.”

“And, anyway, check it out, you guys,” Colbert concluded.