Sony employees were invited into Sony’s Calley Park at noon today for the introduction of their new boss Tony Vinciquerra, who is taking the reins from Michael Lynton as Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The park was packed as Sony’s Kaz Hirai said how happy he was that Vinciquerra had accepted the job and how their business ideas aligned. The president and CEO also sent a strong message to his employees: Sony is not for sale. “I will seriously put a sign on the water tower that says ‘Not For Sale’ … don’t dare me!” he joked.

Following those comments, Vinciquerra said not to worry as he “was tired” of mergers and acquisitions and then began talking about synergy with other Sony holdings and maintaining that between divisions. He added that the turnaround of Sony Corp. also signaled a turnaround at the Pictures division.

“It was very positive and upbeat,” said one employee. “The big takeaway for me that Vinciquerra was not coming in to dress the company up for sale. It was more about introducing him and giving him face time with other employees.” The whole introduction with Kaz and Vinciquerra speaking was only about 10-15 minutes.

Interestingly, Sony Motion Picture Group Chairman Tom Rothman was there but did not speak, sources told Deadline, but one source said it probably was not appropriate for him to speak at the event as it was about Hirai introducing his new head of the company.

Vinciquerra also said that his philosophy of business is “be quick, but don’t be in a hurry.” He added, “There’s no better place to be than Sony. There is much opportunity and excitement in the disruption taking place in the industry.”

Sony held a BBQ afterward, and Vinciquerra was proactive in meeting everyone. “It was great. Kaz was so upbeat in his speech, and that was inspiring. The excitement was really palpable.” The atmosphere had that of a company picnic.

“We are so happy that he is here,” said another employee of the new SPE boss. “Can’t wait to see what he might do.” The employees also noted that he was very approachable and had tons of people going up to him after the speeches to introduce themselves.

Vinciquerra will start in his job on June 1.