Sean Hannity is taking his usual Memorial Day Weekend vacation, Fox News says in answer to speculation that the more-controversial-than-ever host was heading the way of Bill O’Reilly.

“Like the rest of the country, Sean Hannity is taking a vacation for Memorial Day weekend and will be back on Tuesday,” Fox said in a statement today. “Those who suggest otherwise are going to look foolish.”

The network’s statement supports Hannity’s tweet last night (see it below): “Uh oh My ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend starts NOW. Destroy Trump/Conservative media breathless coverage starts! Did Hannity do last show?”

The Hannity speculation follows the pull-out this week of several Hannity advertisers after the host kept pushing the conspiracy theory that the murder last July of DNC staffer Seth Rich was the result of his Wikileaks involvement rather than the robbery gone bad that the police, Rich’s family and just about everyone else believes to be true. Fox News retracted the debunked article.