UPDATED, May 9, 10:48 AM: The Millennnium Films’ bank heist movie 211 will be postponed for the next three to four weeks to give its star Nicolas Cage time to heal from an ankle break. Production will start again at the end of May, beginning of June and will stay in Bulgaria (where the set is already up) so the actor has a six-week recovery time. The company shifted scenes around and also added Israeli actress Sapir Azulay to play the role of Jacob since the hiatus that began two weeks ago. She plays a tough police officer in the film about a bank heist. The bonding company covered the accident.

PREVIOUSLY, April 26, 1:32 PM: In what was described to Deadline as a freak accident, Nicolas Cage broke his ankle while filming the York Alec Shackleton-directed Millennium Films bank heist action film #211. Cage was taken to a top hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria, near where the film is shooting. Doctors wanted to immediately perform surgery. Cage instead decided to hop a plane to Los Angeles for treatment. That’s where the Oscar-winning star is now. His camp confirms that Cage is currently convalescing, but that he hopes to return to the set probably and resume working within two weeks.

It wasn’t clear how the production was coping without its star. I’m awaiting word from Millennium/Nu Image to clarify, but the word we hear is they shut down awaiting his return.