Continuing its push into European originals, Netflix has greenlit its second French series, Osmosis. An eight episode sci-fi drama, it’s based on an idea originally produced by Telfrance and will be produced by Versailles‘ Aude Albano and Claude Chelli of Capa Drama. Showrunner is Audrey Fouché (Les Revenants, Borgia).

Set in near-future Paris, the story centers on a the titular dating app which can find a perfect match with 100% accuracy, turning the concept of absolute soulmate into a reality. But is there a price to pay when letting an algorithm decide who you will love, forever and ever, and technology can access the innermost recesses of your mind?

Netflix’s other original French series, Marseille, is currently in production for a second season. Production on Osmosis is expected to start in 2018 with filming to take place entirely in France.

Osmosis is one of at least six new European original series that Netflix will announce before the end of 2017. At the end of last month, it unveiled plans for Germany’s Dogs Of Berlin. The company has committed more than $1.75B to European productions since entering Europe in 2012, including to date more than 90 original productions in various stages of development.

Today’s announcement comes at a time when Netflix has been making headlines in France. It’s got two movies in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival which unspools next week and the controversial selection of its titles met with an outcry from the local industry over the fact that they will not see a theatrical release here. The festival then tweaked its rules yesterday, saying that from next year forward all movies submitted as candidates for Competition must be committed to a local theatrical release, effectively shutting Netflix out in the future unless it gets onboard with regulations governing release windows. This prompted Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to write on Facebook, “The establishment closing ranks against us. See Okja on Netflix June 28th. Amazing film that theatre chains want to block us from entering into Cannes film festival competition.”