Director Noah Baumbach addressed the elephant in the room during the Cannes Film Festival press conference for his film The Meyerowitz Stories this morning: What do you think about this whole streaming service controversy at the festival?

The Meyerowitz Stories along with Okja is one of two titles here from the Netflix streaming service. While both were warmly received at the festival, both titles entered Cannes amid controversy as they will receive a massive debut on the Netflix service with only a 10-screen week’s run in the U.S. After programming the titles, Cannes established a new rule that all movies playing at the festival going forward must have a French theatrical release.

“I haven’t heard about this,” joked Baumbach about the controversy. “I have a big screen,” joked Dustin Hoffman, to which Baumbach said, “We’ll be playing in Dustin’s living room.”

Turning serious, Baumbach expounded, “I made this movie independently on Super 16 with independent money the way I make all my movies. The expectation is always that your film will be seen on the big screen. I believe in that; it is a unique, singular experience that is not going away. Netflix acquired the movie in post and they’ve been hugely supportive and I feel very appreciative to them.”

Last month, Netflix acquired all global rights to The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Selected) from IAC Films.