NBC began tonight to run promos for its new Megyn Kelly newsmag, on Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly debuts Sunday, June 4 at 7 PM. Sundays at 7  is, not coincidentally, longtime berth for 60 Minutes. But the CBS juggernaut usually airs repeats between May and September, which NBC News hopes means all those Sunday newsmag junkies looking for new material will turn to Kelly. Additonally, she will be in Russia, moderating a session with President Vladimir Putin during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum immediately before her show’s launch, so Kelly’s likely to have a Putin-esque premiere, though NBC News continues to play coy on that front. “Sharp, strong journalism and the power of NBC News,” the division promises vaguely, of her program, in the promo.

Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly will have a limited run this summer, returning after Sunday Night Football and the Winter Olympics conclude, in early 2018.