EXCLUSIVE: David Arquette and Luke Wilson have joined in Alex Keledjian’s super-natural thriller Hollow Body about a a struggling rock band led by Arquette who makes a deal with Wilson’s shady record executive. Keledjian, probably best known as the creator of HBO’s Project Greenlight, wrote the original screenplay and is making his feature film directing debut. He also composed all the songs on the film’s soundtrack.

The logline: Things take a dark turn when the band’s lead singer played by Allie Gonino (The Red Road TV series) and her controlling stage mother, Perrey Reeves (Entourage) are struck by lightning and killed. The young woman comes back to life, now possessed by the spirit of her dead mother. Both personalities struggle for dominance while the band begins to take off. One of the bandmate’s (Ryan Donowho) discovers the dark secret behind their success: she is killing men with her new strange electrical powers and draining their energy, transmuting it into electrifying performances.

Worth noting is that Emmy-winning VFX artist Ryan Gibson provided the visual effects, Longmire cinematographer Cameron Duncan shot the film and I am Number Four make up artist Alex Noble designed the SFX make-up effects.

The film was produced by Mr. Keledjian with Michael Jones, Ryan Gibson, Dwjuan Fox, Kellie Madison, and Alan Pao. Luke Daniels, E. James Keledjian, Ted Reilly, and Kelly Waller are executive producers.

Sales at Cannes are begin handled by VMI Worldwide.

Wilson is repped by CAA. Arquette is repped by APA and Foundation Media Partners. Gonino is repped by Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates and E85 Artist Management. Reeves by APA and LINK. And Donowho, whose credits include Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero and The OC by Velocity Entertainment Partners.