“I think that what’s so wonderful is that even though it is being told through Latino eyes and we’re kind of changing the Latino narrative, is that it is a universal story,” One Day At A Time star Justina Machado says about why she thinks the Netflix reboot of the Norman Lear series works so well. “That’s the beautiful thing about Netflix, it’s in 190 countries …and the reception has been amazing.”

Having captured people’s attention first with stint as a regular on Showtime’s Six Feet Under from 2001-2005, Machado told me that it was only from playing Brenda Parra on the USA Network series Queen Of The South that she really felt she could be a series lead. “For a long time, I just said, it not going to happen,” she told me of fronting her own show. “I gave up that dream, which was really sad, I really did, I started to not believe it could happen. Thank God I was wrong and Queen of the South showed me that, it really did, and so that’s why it was pivotal to go I can do this. So One Day At A Time came at the perfect time.”

The new version of One Day At A Time launched on Netflix on January 6 with a poignant 13-episode first season that in my video review I called “one of the best sitcoms the streaming service has debuted to date.” Joined by Rita Moreno as her live-in mother, Machado plays Penelope Alvarez, an ex-military service member and now civilian nurse and single mom of two in the series penned by Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce.

Produced by Act III Productions Inc., Snowpants Productions and Small Fish Studios in association with Sony Pictures Television, the series was renewed for a second season last month.

“I think what is wonderful about them is that they don’t go around preaching about what you should do or shouldn’t do,” Machado says about working with the legendary Moreno and Lear. “They are just people that are generous, that are genuine, that are incredibly supportive and loving and you feel very safe around them.”

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