“When we said Trump should act more Presidential, we probably should have specified – we didn’t mean Nixon,” Jimmy Kimmel suggested during Wednesday night’s monologue, 24 hours after the president sacked FBI director James Comey as Comey was overseeing the FBI probe into Russian election meddling.

“He fired the guy who was investigating him,” Kimmel said, walking his studio audience through “the most shocking episode of The Celebrity Appresident yet.”

Trump had his longtime personal bodyguard deliver a letter  to FBI headquarters, telling Comey he was fired.  “Unfortunately, James Comey wasn’t there. He was here in L.A. speaking to a group of FBI agents,” Kimmel explained. “And they had the TV on when the news that he was out came on TV in the room he was in. He thought it was a prank.  For real.  Which makes you wonder what kind of friends he has in the first place.”

“But it wasn’t a prank,” Kimmel said. “Donald Trump has only pulled one prank, and it was getting elected President – by selling the most hats.”

Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the Russian investigation because of his work on Trump’s campaign and contact with Russia, now is leading the search for a new director of the FBI, who would then lead the Russian investigation.

“Is it possible he doesn’t know what the word ‘recuse’ means?” Kimmel snarked.