President Donald Trump is back from his first big overseas trip — complete with dual meanings of “journey” and “stumble” — and things got back to “normal” quickly. Meaning the leader of the free world fired up his Twitter account early this morning and again let fly at the “enemy of the people.” The way he sees it, all the ugly news that came out of his jaunt through Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican and Brussels came from one source: the media.

Here’s how POTUS 140-characterized the bastion of a free American democracy:

No mention of, oh, his lapdog Jared Kushner being investigated by the FBI, said victorious Montana congressman going all WWE on a “liberal reporter,” trashing our NATO allies as they looked on, the deathmatch handshake with France’s president, etc., etc. Actually, maybe the media just made all that up.

Anyway, it’s good to know our leader is focusing on the important things like, y’know, governing. Mr. President, if you insist on communicating with the public via Twitter, could you at least tweet out a photo of your plate at state dinners? That’s what rank-and-file Americans really want to see on social media. Unless it’s really just a couple of Whoppers with large fries and a Coke.

On Sunday evening, Trump added three more tweets (see below) to bookend his Sunday social-media return. One returned to the “Fake News Media” turf of earlier in the day, and the others made policy-centered claims. “Republicans will do much better” at overhauling health care than Democrats, read one. Tax cut proposals are “ahead of schedule,” another said. “Big benefits to all!”