President Donald Trump had a busy morning threatening the press and sacked FBI Director James Comey on Twitter.

First, POTUS suggested scrapping press briefings unless the media stops noting his press office changed its tick-tock on how and why he sacked FBI director James Comey. Trump said he works at such a pace his surrogates cannot be expected to explain his actions with perfectly accuracy:

Moving on, Trump then told Comey to think twice, in case he’s thinking of contradicting Trump’s report to NBC News’ Lester Holt about how the former FBI chief assured him three times he was not under investigation. Wording of this one had some TV news talking heads talking Richard Nixon and Watergate again. Wording of this tweet seemed to suggest Trump had maybe recorded that dinner and/or two phone calls he claimed to Holt he had with Comey after taking office. During each of those exchanges, Comey assured him he was not under investigation in the bureau’s probe of Russia’s election meddling. (Trump also told Holt the whole Russia-meddling thing is a concoction of the Dem party to explain Hillary Clinton’s ignominious loss.)  TV news pundits thought Trump ought to know, that if he did record that dinner or those two phone calls, he does not own them; they are federal records, thanks to Nixon.

TV news outlets can’t seem to get enough of Trump’s Holt interview since NBC News put out portions of that interview Thursday mid-day. Trump reportedly gave that interview as a course correction, after the initial storyline about sacking Comey on the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, did not play well.

Trump’s tweets came as news outlets mulled news Rosenstein will meet with the full Senate next week to talk about his role in the drama.