Budget Director Mick Mulvaney gave a dramatic performance at Tuesday’s White House press briefing, blaming Democrats for triggering the morning Donald Trump tweet calling for a “good” government shutdown in September.

Mulvaney said Democrats triggered Trump by taking a victory lap over the recently reached bipartisan spending deal just agreed to that funds the government through September, avoiding a government shutdown now. Dems pointed to the agreement’s continued funding of Planned Parenthood and lack of border wall funding.  Mulvaney used audio visual aides to demonstrate that the wall is being built with money from this budget closing out fiscal year 2017.

Mulvaney challenged one reporter asking if, when news of the deal erupted “did you think we could build this?” he said, pointing to a photo of the southern border fence, telling the press gaggle they can “call it a new wall, call it a replacement…call it maintenance to code – whatever.”

“[Dems] wanted a shutdown. They were desperate to make this administration look like we couldn’t govern,” Mulvaney said. “We’ve got a lot to do between now and September. I don’t anticipate a shutdown in September, but if the Democrats aren’t going to behave any better than they have in the last couple of days, it may be inevitable,” he said:

But Mulvaney ended the presser saying how pleased the Trump administration is with the deal. Then,  all hell broke loose when reporters realized White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wasn’t going to take any questions, about other of the day’s interesting developments, including Trump’s Tuesday phone call with Russian ruler Vladimir Putin, etc:

Trump this morning had tweeted: