Like other broadcasters this week, CBS used its upfront presentation today to take some shots at digital companies competing for ad dollars. But it also repeated a familiar theme: That its status as the No. 1 network sets it apart from its TV rivals.

“Great content is always king,” CEO Les Moonves told the Carnegie Hall audience, adding that CBS programming is “clean, advertiser friendly and the highest quality.”

With new platforms, CBS’ total audience is “greater today than it was back in the year 2000,” he says. And “we’ve moved beyond generic demographics. That old idea of just one, coveted demo is so dated — like American Idol.”

Network Sales President Jo Ann Ross says that CBS is “not just No. 1 with viewers. We’re No. 1 in 250 product categories with consumers. You know: consumers. The people who actually buy your products.”

Still, CBS says it’s embracing advances in data and measurement — one of the hot topics this week. The company introduced a service called CBS Customized Data Solutions to help advertisers target audiences across the company’s networks and digital platforms including CBS All Access.

“We’ll back this up with credible measurements,” she says.

Ross took a jab at NBC and Fox, which said this week that they will offer digital Video Quality Score measurements from Oracle’s MOAT.

They’re “catching up” since CBS “was among the first to partner with [it] years ago,” she says.

She assured buyers that the blend of broadcast and digital would provide them with “real people watching your commercials in hit shows with zero fraud — all from a source you can trust.”

Broadcasters have made hay with the trust issue this week after  sponsors found that digital platforms had connected their ads with content from hate groups, jihadists, suicides and a murder.

“We don’t promise what we can’t deliver,” Ross says. “Truth in advertising: What a concept.”

The company’s pitch “is simple,” she adds: “Seamless, easy buying across all screens for scaling target audiences quickly and the absolute best environment in all of media for your creative.”