The British Academy Television Awards took place tonight at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank, and Deadline was onsite to live-blog the ceremony. Netflix’s The Crown took the nomination jewels, leading the pack with five nods including Drama Series, going into the evening. But it ended with no wins.

Instead, prizes went to Happy Valley, and Damilola, Our Loved Boy and to Tom Hollander for his performance in The Night Manager, which was otherwise forgotten in the nods. Adeel Akhtar and Sarah Lancashire took the Leading Actor and Actress prizes for Murdered by my Father and Happy Valley respectively. And Phoebe Waller-Bridge took Female Performance in a Comedy Programme for Fleabag.

Previously announced, the Special Award went to Nick Fraser for his work in documentary film on the series Storyville. The BAFTA Fellowship was presented to Joanna Lumley by her Absolutely Fabulous co-star Jennifer Saunders. Check out our archived liveblog below to see how the evening played out.



dianalodderhose May 14, 201710:57 am

Welcome to the BAFTA TV Awards. Excited, Joe?

Joe Utichi May 14, 201710:58 am

Always! Sue Perkins will be out momentarily to start the show.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201710:59 am

A little housekeeping announcement on stage includes a special BBC-friendly message…

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:00 am

Winners are being warned that as the UK is in a general election period, anything said on that subject “risks getting cut”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:00 am

The show will air on the BBC from 8PM local time, with a one-hour tape delay to avoid these sorts of things.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:06 am

Time for the Year In VT segement, in which 365 days of television gets condensed down into a clip show for the purposes of starting the show like every other awards show ever.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:06 am

Some British Bake-Off comedy to kick it off, with Sue Perkins and that show’s Mary Berry.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:08 am

Sue Perkins emerges. “You might know me best as, ‘and Sue’. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Not another woman hosting an awards show.'”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:08 am

Perkins: “I promise to deliver you a strong and stable BAFTAs,” Perkins says, referencing Theresa May’s Brexit rhetoric.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:09 am

Perkins: “Welcome to the Royal Festival Hall, or as the Queen calls it, ‘One’s iPod'”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:10 am

Perkins: “Night Manager was an incredible show. Not nominated, but it was an incredible show.” It’s nearly shut-out of the nods with only one.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:11 am

Perkins: “Who’d have thought Hugh Laurie could do such a convincing British accent?”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:12 am

Perkins: “Top Gear was back. My favorite episode was The One Where Joey Gets Everyone Fired. Apparently you can get a knock-off version on Amazon.”

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:13 am

Little jab from Perkins on Amazon not paying taxes

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:13 am

Perkins addresses her Alexa: “Play ‘Grand Tour’ – and stop paying tax.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:14 am

Time for the clip show, set to “Fire” by Beth Ditto.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:16 am

Best Drama Series is the first award up. Here are the nominees:

THE CROWN Production Team – Left Bank Pictures/Netflix

THE DURRELLS Production Team – Sid Gentle Films Ltd/Masterpiece/ITV

HAPPY VALLEY Sally Wainwright, Juliet Charlesworth, Nicola Shindler, Neasa Hardiman – Red Production Company/BBC One

WAR & PEACE Production Team – BBC Studios/BBC Wales/Lookout Point/TWC/BBC One

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:16 am

Anna Friel and Sean Bean presenting Best Drama Series

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:18 am

Winner – Best Drama Series: Happy Valley

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:19 am

Bit of an upset? Thought that might have been The Crown, which is leading the noms with five…

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:19 am

Brief speech from the producer…big thanks

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:20 am

It’s worth remembering that the British Academy is obviously made up primarily of Brits, so perhaps they’re favoring shows from local broadcasters? Well, it’s a bit early to write-off The Crown’s staying power just yet.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:20 am

Kim Cattrall presenting Entertainment Performance

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:22 am

Winner – Entertainment Performance: Michael McIntyre

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:23 am

McIntyre: “This is so fun.” To Catrall: “We’ve never met. You give me BAFTAs, we should meet more often.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:23 am

McIntyre: “To my kids at home who I told I wouldn’t win, Daddy won!”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:24 am

We’re on to Single Documentary now

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:26 am

Winner – Single Documentary: Hillsborough

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:28 am

This is a truly moving doc about the Hillsborough Disaster of April 15 1989 in which 96 people died in a human crush at the Sheffield football stadium. The film was embargoed in the UK during the inquest into the disaster, and it aired during the BAFTA TV awards last year, “So none of us watched the BAFTAs last year,” says the winners.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:28 am

“This is a film about the horror and injustice of Hillsborough”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:30 am

Current Affairs is next.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:32 am

Winner – Current Affairs: Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed (Panorama)

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:33 am

This show went undercover to “expose harrowing evidence of children and young people being hurt and threatened by custody officers who are supposed to protect them”

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:34 am

“There are 1,000 children in jails in England and Wales right now. Those are a thousand children, some of whom Rob met, too often they’re forgotten. We accept this award on their behalf tonight.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:34 am

So we move onto Single Drama, presented by Jessica Raine

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:37 am

Winner – Single Drama: Damilola, Our Loved Boy

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:37 am

This is a haunting reenactment of the story of a young boy murdered in cold blood.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:40 am

Colin Barr hugs the young actor who played Damilola. “There are a couple of people up here with us for whom this is much more than a film, it was their lives.” He introduces Damilola Taylor’s older brother and his father. “if there’s an example of how the worst that humanity has to offer can sometimes bring out the best in us as human beings, Richard [Taylor] is it. For f15 years, his courage and grace, and the work of the Damilola Taylor Trust, has inspired thousands of people.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:41 am

“This award is for the Taylor family… and of course for Damilola himself.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:42 am

Richard Taylor speaks. “Today is a great day to remember.” He thanks the team, and dedicates the award “to the memory of Damilola Taylor, and to Gloria my late wife. And to first and foremost send an appeal to these young people on the streets killing themselves. Parents are crying, mothers are crying. The surge of killing has gone up recently in London. I beg you all to stop this unneccesary killing of young people. Please spread this message to them.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:42 am

A moving moment so early into the show.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:42 am

Five down, 20 categories to go Joe…

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:43 am

How do you feel about that? 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:43 am

Oh I feel great… And it’s the International Award next. A biggie.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:45 am

The Night Of, The People v OJ, Stranger Things and Transparent are all fighting for this award. And it’s a tough fight. BAFTA regular Cuba Gooding Jr. is here tonight, and for the first time in a while, has a show nominated. Usually he just shows up for the film awards for the fun of it. Our colleague Nancy has a through-the-years series of selfies with him. Ask her.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:45 am

I’ve seen them…

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:46 am

Winner – International: The People V OJ Simpson: American Crime Story

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:46 am

Nancy will be happy

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:46 am

Cuba Gooding Jr.: “I’m a boy from the hood who flew over and now I’m in London on stage accepting gold.”

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:47 am

“I want to thank Bafta and kiss every person in this room”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:47 am

A truly shocked expression on Cuba’s face.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:47 am

Shoutouts to co-stars John Travolta, David Schwimmer, Sarah Paulson

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:47 am

He seems pretty emotional – he’s kissing the award. 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:48 am

(I don’t know why – People v. OJ rocked. Here’s my piece with Gooding and his co-stars from last year.)

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:48 am

“It was a tragedy what happened that day to those two people and I just hope we shined a light on what really happened.”

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:48 am

That’s a damn good piece Joe 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:48 am

Oh I know

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:48 am

I’m actually catching up and only on the second episode of it but it’s really good

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:48 am

Factual Series is up next.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:51 am

Winner – Factual Series: Exodus: Our Journey to Europe

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:53 am

The show placed cameras with immigrants struggling to reach Europe. “I’d like to thank the courage of the contributors who shared their story.” He brings Hassan, one of the immigrants, over. “For you to understand how surreal this is, exactly 20 months ago I was on a dinghy trying to cross from Turkey to Greece, and I’m here now.” Huge applause. He says 10,000 people have died trying to seek refuge in Europe. “Husbands, wifes, mothers, children. This goes to them. It goes to the untold stories.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:55 am

Winner – News Coverage: Victoria Derbyshire: Footballers’ Abuse

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:57 am

This show exposed the story of footballers who claimed to have been sexually abused by former Crewe Alexandra coach Barry Bennell. “These footballers trusted us enough to talk to us about the abuse they received as 9- and 10-year-olds, going off to football training. You cannot underestimate the courage it took to do that on national television, live,” says Derbyshire. “As a result of what they did, hundreds of other potential victims came forward to police.”

dianalodderhose May 14, 201711:58 am

Moving onto Live Event now…

Joe Utichi May 14, 201711:58 am

“Give me an excuse to go live and I will use that seven second delay, you blistering c*ck-faced f*ck trumpets,” says Sue Perkins, in a moment that will likely be cut from the BBC broadcast…

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:00 pm

Winner – Live Event: The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:01 pm

90 years old… That’s how I feel after one of these liveblogs.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:01 pm

Ant and Dec have stepped up to accept the award…but don’t seem to have anything to do with the show? Or is that just me? 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:02 pm

It wouldn’t be a British television awards show without an appearance on stage by Ant and Dec, our very own Regis and Kelly. You decide which is which.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:02 pm

Scratch that – they presented it. Whoops

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:02 pm

Very true – although isn’t it Ryan Seacrest and Kelly now? 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:02 pm

What’s a Ryan Seacrest?

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:02 pm

It’s been a while since I lived in the States…things have really changed

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:03 pm

I think a Ryan Seacrest is like a Kardashian cousin or something

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:03 pm

Here comes Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things to present. Even the Brits in the audience will be shocked to realize he’s actually British.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:04 pm

I actually didn’t know he was British – did you? 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:04 pm

What’s a Kardashian? Weren’t they the bad guys in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:04 pm

You need to watch The People Vs. OJ Simpson dude. Cuba will NOT be impressed with you tonight Joe. 

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:04 pm

Neither will Nancy for that matter

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:04 pm

I did watch it more than a year ago, to be fair.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:05 pm

Winner – Specialist Factual: Planet Earth II

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:05 pm

No surprise there – have you seen this Joe? I mean, amazing!

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:05 pm

This was expected. This show was full of amazing moments.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:06 pm

What, specifically, was your favorite? 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:06 pm

Well definitely the bit with the snakes.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:06 pm

You mean the baby iguanas and the snakes – yeah, that was unbelievable. 

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:07 pm

I really liked the mountain goat bit – they can climb up some crazy heights! 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:07 pm

“We knew we were in luck when we got David Attenborough two miles above the surface of the planet and we didn’t kill him”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:08 pm

Cuba returns to stage to present Female Perfomance in a Comedy Programme

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:08 pm

Notice how we Brits spell “programme”. Crazy.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:09 pm

Though we did invent the language.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:09 pm

Two noms for Fleabag here – Olivia Colman competing with her co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:10 pm

Waller-Bridge also created and wrote the brilliant comedy

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:11 pm

Cuba announced the award goes to “Moonlight”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:11 pm

Winner – Female Perfomance in a Comedy Programme: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:11 pm

That joker – he’s been waiting to do that for ages I’ll bet

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:11 pm

“I know I know,” says Gooding after his gag. “You’re like, ‘That’s the last time that negro will ever come present an award.'”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:12 pm

Waller-Bridge tries to land kisses on Cuba Gooding Jr. “I don’t want to be rude, but I have actually been wet dreaming about getting a BAFTA my whole life.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:13 pm

Waller-Bridge: “Most of all I want to say thank you to my mother who said to me, ‘Darling, you can be whatever you want to be as long as you’re outrageous.'”

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:13 pm

Apparently she’s the bookies favourite to become the next Doctor Who

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:13 pm

I’d vote for that. Or bet on it. Whatever.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:13 pm

Next up, Mini Series

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:15 pm

Winner – Mini-Series: National Treasure

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:16 pm

I think this was kind of expected, no? 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:16 pm

What did you like about the show, Diana?

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:16 pm

I thought Robbie Coltrane’s performance was brilliant

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:17 pm

Busiest writer in the UK Jack Thorne came up to accept the award 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:18 pm

Thorne recently wrote the Harry Potter play, which transfers to Broadway next year.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:18 pm

I mean, he’s written 8000 other things since then, of course.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:18 pm

Winner – Special Award: Nick Fraser

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:23 pm

The brilliant Louis Theroux presents. “It’s hard to imagine a more inspirational or more worthy winner.” Fraser was involved with films like Project Nim and Man on Wire, and is series editor on the Storyville series. Fraser recently had a stroke and is accompanied to stage by his daughter. Says Fraser’s daughter Isabelle on stage, on her father’s behalf: “Documentaries really matter. You’d miss them if they were gone. When I started Storyville 20 years ago, documentaries were an afterthought. I wanted to make them into something people love. During that time we’ve shown 600 films and I’ve watched thousands of them. Docs are still underfunded but there’s a greater appetite for them, particularly among younger people”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:24 pm

“Docs are the equivalent of rock and roll as celebrities queue up to be producers on films. They’ve realized that film can speak truth to power”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:24 pm

“Thanks to all the filmmakers I’ve worked with over the years. We’ve made some amazing films. Let’s continue to make more.”

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:25 pm

Next up Male Performance In A Comedy Programme

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:25 pm

I’m surprised to see that you’re not nominated in this Joe

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:25 pm

I’m hilarious in real life only.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:27 pm

Winner – Male Performance in a Comedy Programme: Steve Coogan, Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:27 pm

Steve’s not here tonight to pick up the award unfortunately. I was hoping for a Partridge impression. 

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:28 pm

We’ve got Virgin TV’s Must-See Moment coming up next – this is the only award voted for by the British public. 

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:29 pm

My money’s on Game of Thrones – Battle of the Bastards. That was pretty epic. 

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:29 pm

Although, that baby iguana and snake scene from Planet Earth was pretty amazing too. Real nail-biter. 

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:32 pm

Winner – Virgin TV’s Must-See Moment: Planet Earth II: Snakes vs Iguana Chase

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:32 pm

That was your favorite too Joe, right?

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:32 pm

See? I told you. Those snakes. That iguana. Liquid TV.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:33 pm

“We were surprised this would win because half the people watched this from behind their sofa and the other half thought it was the most extraordinary thing they’d ever seen.”

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:33 pm

“We’d like to mention this series owes a lot to the previous series”

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:38 pm

Winner – Reality & Constructed Factual: Muslims Like Us

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:39 pm

Three awards left before you find out how little Diana and I know about sports… We *think* “The Open” is golf. We’re finding out.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:39 pm

Look, it’s either golf or tennis – it’s GOT to be one of those. But I’m going with golf.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:39 pm

That’s the one with the little white ball right?

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:40 pm

No, that’s baseball, Diana.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:40 pm

No, Joe – that is an average-sized ball with red stitching. 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:43 pm

Winner – Comedy & Comedy Entertainment Programme: Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:44 pm

I love that show – I look forward to it every year. 

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:44 pm

I’m happy and disappointed. Cunk on Shakespeare is brilliant – youtube up some clips – but then Philomena Cunk does appear on Charlie’s show, where she originated as a character, so that works.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:44 pm

I think this is totally deserved – what a crazy year! He certainly wasn’t lacking material for 2016

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:45 pm

Brooker: “2016 was a horrifying year I thought, so receiving an award for summarizing it is like painting a really convincing picture of a haemorrhoid. Hopefully by the time we get to 2017 Wipe we’ll have a less awful year to summarize.” I wouldn’t count on it, Charlie.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:45 pm

Obits is next

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:49 pm

Honored tonight include: Andrew Sachs, Mary Tyler Moore, Jean Alexander, Peter Vaughan, Gorden Kaye, Robert Vaughn, Jimmy Perry, Tim Piggott-Smith, Ian McCaskill, Barry Hanson, Colin Dexter, Philip Saville, Liz Smith and Caroline Aherne.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:50 pm

Next up…Supporting Actor with Doctor Foster actress Suranne Jones presenting

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:50 pm

Of the four actors, two of them are from The Crown: Jared Harris and John Lithgow. Tom Hollander is up for The Night Manager’s only nomination of the night

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:52 pm

Winner – Supporting Actor: Tom Hollander for The Night Manager

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:53 pm

So, The Night Manager won it’s only award of the night and that’s two defeats for The Crown already…

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:53 pm

So that’s three of five nominations that The Crown has failed to secure to win so far.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:54 pm

As great as Hollander is in this show, it’s a surpriose he won because it felt like the nominations for sure had forgotten about the show.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:54 pm

 “It was a very happy time” said Hollander of his time on The Night Manager, who thanked cast and crew in a brief speech

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:54 pm

We’re onto Soap and Continuing Drama

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:55 pm

Winner – Soap & Continuing Drama: Emmerdale

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:56 pm

This is Emmerdale’s second BAFTA win.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:57 pm

Oh no, it’s Sport next. Err, we’ll do our best.

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:58 pm

Two of the nominees here are Rio Olympics, then there’s golf and rugby. We think.

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:58 pm


Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:59 pm

Go team!

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:59 pm

We are amazing

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:59 pm

Winner – Sport: The Open

Joe Utichi May 14, 201712:59 pm

The golf won!!

dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:59 pm


dianalodderhose May 14, 201712:59 pm

I think we should get a thank you shout out in this speech

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:00 pm

We’ve been very brave.

dianalodderhose May 14, 20171:00 pm

Is there a Bafta for that? 

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:00 pm

“Thank you for recognizing what we’ve tried to do here, which is make golf accessible, exciting and fun,” they jokes. Or do they?

dianalodderhose May 14, 20171:01 pm

I actually like golf

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:01 pm

“Thank you for recognizing what we’ve tried to do here, which is make golf accessible, exciting and fun,” they joke. Or do they?

dianalodderhose May 14, 20171:03 pm

Now it’s Supporting Actress…will Vanessa Kirby win for The Crown? Or will it be Nicola Walker for Last Tango in Paris, Siobhan Finneran in Happy Valley or Wunmi Mosaku for Damilola, Our Loved Boy?

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:03 pm

I have a feeling it’ll definitely be one of them, Diana.

dianalodderhose May 14, 20171:04 pm

Winner – Supporting Actress: Wunmi Mosaku

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:05 pm

This is the second award for Damilola, Our Loved Boy. And now the fourth of five nominations The Crown has missed out on. Only Claire Foy remains…

dianalodderhose May 14, 20171:06 pm

Mosaku: “It was an honour to be a part of this…I want to thank the Taylors for your courage and honesty and dedication to our youth…this is so bittersweet and I’d like to dedicate this to the memory of Damilola and his mother Gloria.” 

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:06 pm

Features comes next.

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:09 pm

Winner – Best Features: Who Do You Think You Are?

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:10 pm

“This is the fourth time we’ve been nominated for a BAFTA and the first time we’ve won. Our 13th series has been lucky for us.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:10 pm

For our American readers, they mean “season”.

dianalodderhose May 14, 20171:11 pm

We’ve got Scripted Comedy up next…

dianalodderhose May 14, 20171:13 pm

Winner – Scripted Comedy: People Just Do Nothing

dianalodderhose May 14, 20171:14 pm

“We’re just a group of mates just mucking around with each other because I can’t swear. Just want to shout out thank you very much.”

dianalodderhose May 14, 20171:15 pm

Producer Ash Atalla: “I’ve waited 10 years to get this award. I used to work with Ricky Gervais in The Office and they never let me speak so this is going to take about an hour.” 

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:19 pm

Joan Collins comes to present…

Winner – Entertainment Programme: Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeway

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:19 pm

This is the fifth win for these guys for this show, and the 11th win overall. 

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:20 pm

Says Ant or Dec: “We’ve already started on next year’s series, but this tonight is really unexpected, but what a huge lovely cherry on top.” Unexpected, Dec? Really? These guys are BAFTA veterans.

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:21 pm

Thandie Newton emerges to present the penultimate competative award, Leading Actor.

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:23 pm

Winner – Leading Actor: Adeel Akhtar, Murdered by my Father

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:24 pm

Akhtar: “It’s very strange to accept an award when you know you’re just in front of a long line of people who helped make this happen.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:26 pm

Here comes Leading Actress, Claire Foy’s chance to get The Crown some gold after a shutout so far for the nominations-leader.

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:29 pm

Winner – Leading Actress: Sarah Lancashire, Happy Valley

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:30 pm

Wow, a total Crown shutout. And Happy Valley gets Best Drama and Leading Actress on that show’s turf. This is an upset for international viewers, but Happy Valley is clearly beloved here in the UK.

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:31 pm

Lancashire: “I even want to thank Nicola Walker and she’s not in it,” as she thanks the entire cast and crew, including the “phenomenally talented Sally Wainwright. I thank god you can’t act.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:31 pm

Lancashire: “Claire Foy, you have given me the best ten hours under a duvet that I have ever had.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:33 pm

Jennifer Saunders emerges to toast her Ab Fab co-star Joanna Lumley for BAFTA’s highest honor, the Fellowship. “She’s never been well-behaved. She’s the conformer’s non-conformer. They put her on a desert island in Girl Friday and she refused to bow to hunger and hardship and instead set about teransforming her bra into a pair of Jimmy Choos.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:34 pm

Saunders: “I handed her some scrappy lines and an unformed idea and she alone created Patsy Stone [in Ab Fab]. A creation that has at least kept me laughing the last 27 years.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:39 pm

Lumley gets on stage to a standing ovation. “No, just say. I’d sorted out a fantastic speech, which started off saying how unbelievably honored I am to get this Fellowship. But then looking at that [montage] I realize I’m like a piece of cellophane laid over the industry. I’ve done noting. We actors are dragged about in golden carriages laid over swamps by men in their underpants. We have people who drive us and dress us, and people who feed us – and caterers are so important – and we arrive and people say, ‘You are so funny in that,’ and we say, ‘yes, thanks,’ but it’s all somebody else. I’m the in the company I wished to keep since I was young.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:40 pm

Lumley: “People in our profession don’t have discriminbations. I wanted to hang out with the boys in the band. I wanted to be part of the sisterhood. I wanted to be in this great circus. In this fellowship. Now I’m stanidng here with my gorgeous family and my beloved friends and I couldn’t be happier. All I wanted to say was, Jennifer, you write it. I just do it.” She adopts Patsy: “I hust wanted to say to you all… yeah, cheers, thanks a lot.”

Joe Utichi May 14, 20171:43 pm

After that brilliant speech, we come to a close. A night of surprises, like The Crown’s shutout, and lots of emotional moments, like Damilola Taylor’s father speaking profoundly about his son and what the BAFTA means. From Diana and me, signing off. Thanks for joining us.