The AMPTP has released a brief statement in response to Deadline’s story about the trove of data released Sunday by the Writers Guild of America in advance of next Monday’s resumption of contract negotiations.

“Our objective continues to be to reach an agreement with the WGA at the bargaining table,” the AMPTP said. “We hope the Guild will engage with us on the issues in that forum when negotiations resume on April 10th.”

The first round of talks started March 13 and broke off on March 24, with each side blaming the other for walking away from the bargaining table.

Leaders of the WGA East and West are urging their members to give them the authority to call a strike if the second round of talks fails to produce a fair contract. The main issues are more money for film and TV writers and a bailout of the WGA Health Plan, which faces a projected $145 million in deficits over the next four years. The guilds’ current contract expires on May 1.