The WGA won’t be announcing the results of its ongoing strike vote until Monday, but we already know for sure that at least one ballot has been cast in favor of granting strike authorization if next week’s talks fail to produce an agreement.

“This is my ballot receipt,” tweeted WGA West president Howard Rodman. “Please join me in voting YES to give us the power we need to get a fair deal.”

WGA East and West members have until noon Monday to vote online, but there’s already been at least one reported glitch in the e-voting, which is being conducted by the electronic balloting company Votenet.

“Can’t seem to vote,” a writer tweeted Rodman. “Online ballot doesn’t work. I’ve emailed guild with no response. Votenet has an automated voicemail message. Shouldn’t the WGA have ‘any’ dedicated support staff to assist people when the ballot doesn’t work? What are we paying Votenet for?”

“Call WGA,” Rodman tweeted back, providing a phone number. “If you don’t get a response ASAP, email me.”

“I emailed last night, which is the only contact information provided on the SAV form for WGAw members,” the writer replied. “No response yet.”

“Have contacted guild staff?” Rodman retweeted. “Let me know if/when you hear back.”

Glitches aside, WGA members are expected to vote overwhelmingly to authorize a strike if next week’s last round of scheduled bargaining fails to produce a fair deal. The WGA’s current film and TV contract expires at midnight on May 1.