Trevor Noah opened Wednesday’s The Daily Show noting Serena Williams is expecting a baby, and reminding viewers, “you know what they say: For every amazing black baby that comes into the world, one old white man has to leave.”

That would be Bill O’Reilly, pushed out of Fox News Channel hours earlier.

“You may not know this, but Bill O’Reilly was the biggest figure in the history of cable news,” Noah explained, before launching a clip package of various ways in which O’Reilly argued white people are persecuted.

“If white people don’t have it good in the U.S., then which race does?” Noah wondered, noting it’s not black people, Hispanics, Asians, “whatever mystery race Bruno Mars is.”

“Bill O’Reilly talked about lot of issues over 20 years,” the Comedy Central late-night host noted after showing a mess of his clips.

“But it’s important tonight to remember he had a special place in his heart for black people. Prison.”

“Looking back on all of O’Reilly’s greatest hits, the one thing that’s hard to believe is that it took this long for him to lose his job. And why did all the advertiser that pulled off his show now, stick with his show this long? Were they watching?” Noah wondered.