Beverly Goldberg showed up at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmy confab on Sunday to dispense parenting and fashion advice to hard-boiled industry guild members of the future. “I have books of all my kids, called Sleeping Angels Books,” The GoldbergsWendi McLendon-Covey revealed in her gutsy in-character/time-travel appearance as the queen of ’80s TMI and offspring smothering.

“The mothers out there know what I’m talking about,” Goldberg/McLendon-Covey said. “It’s when you take a picture of [your child’s] head on the pillow every night. … As you look through the book you can see how much their heads have grown in the course of the year.”

As her children grow up and go off to college in the ’80s-set ABC/Sony sitcom, Mrs. G/McL-C said, it remains to be seen “what happens when the hamper gets full and no one’s there. I’ve got no problem getting on a plane, if I have to fly five flights a semester.” When the audience reacted, she shot back, “I wasn’t making a joke, but OK,” describing the audience as “very sexy” though clearly not loving their children as much as she loves hers.


She advised them on child rearing. “They’re going to try to pull away, and that means you double down, go in harder. Don’t be afraid to tell your children that you love them in front of their friends, in front of their enemies … in the parking lot at school, at the movie theater. … If they say, ‘I hate you, Mom, shut up!’ — you say it louder. They will thank you.”

Asked about her obsession with First Lady Nancy Reagan, Mrs. G/McL-C  gushed she “does exactly what she’s supposed to do: look adoringly at her man and look chic in Adolfo separates.” [Beverly said, when asked, that her ensemble was a Mr. Jojo creation] ” She did, however, have a tiny bone to pick with the First Lady about her Just Say No campaign.

“Is that all you want to say? It’s an incomplete thought,” Beverly chided, suggested a better line might be, “It all looks delicious, thank you, but my mother will kick my ass, and then my mother will make friends with your mother and kick your ass.”Asked how she’d feel if, in 30 years Donald Trump became president, Beverly took it big.

“What?! You’re talking about the orange man who owns the Plaza hotel?”

Beverly noted that would make Ivana the First Lady. Told that was not the case because there is going to be more than one Donald Trump wife, Beverly took it big: “That’s just simply not going to happen.” Told that, in fact, this is the world her son Adam (Sean Giambrone) will grow into, Beverly shot back, “OK, I feel like my brain is short-circuiting. That’s not going to happen. Move on. This is just stupid.”

Norman Lear

Oddly, Norman Lear followed Beverly on stage at the confab but did not get asked about Trump, of whom he’s previously said plenty.

Lear instead announced he and Rita Moreno, star of Sony’s Netflix remake his ’70s sitcom One Day at a Time, have been having an affair, and she is pregnant. “Has anybody ever talked about having an affair in front of an audience,” Lear asked. (Answer: yes.)

“We don’t know how it happened,” Lear began as Moreno buried her head in her hands. “Rita is pregnant.”

“OK, well take it one day at a time,” shot back Deadline’s panel moderator Pete Hammond.

It all started when Hammond asked Lear to address the decision to do the reboot as a multi-cam, as had been the original. The new version centers around a Cuban-American family, focusing on recently separated, former military mom (Justina Machado) as she navigates her newly single life while raising her radical teenage daughter and socially adept tween son with the help of her Cuba-born mom (Moreno) and a friends-without-benefits building manager named Schneider (Todd Grinnell).

“Single cam reflects a kind of film; multi-cam reflects live theater,” Lear said. “We have a couple hundred people sitting in the audience, and these performers, as they play these roles, develop a back-and-forth with the audience that can’t happen the other way.” Moreno, Lear said, is “the queen of live anything.”

“It’s very sexual,” Moreno said abput performing in front of a live studio audience. “It’s that too,” Lear agreed.

Moreno noted her Lydia Riera character is 77 and is “shameless — she will do it with a fence post.”

Hammond said politely he would look for that in the show’s upcoming season.