EXCLUSIVE: Stuart Manashil is leaving WME amicably to set up his own management firm. Manashil, who has many directors in the genre space, has worked with a number of Oscar- and Emmy-winning writers and directors at WME including Matt Aldrich, Don’t Breathe helmer Fede Alvarez, Alejandro Amenabar, Olivier Assayas, Juan Campanella, The Dowdles, Kieran Fitzgerald, Mike Flanagan, Brad Furman, Alex Graves, Chris Landon, Barry Levinson, Sam Levinson, Damian Szifron, and Split helmer M Night Shyamalan.

Manashil was with WME for three years and previously worked at CAA and before that UTA. I am hearing he will likely form an alliance with Phantom Four’s David Goyer and Kevin Turen, and many of Manashil’s clients are expected to join him; some already have managers. I’ll tell you more when I know it. The agency just informed staff of his exit.