Stephen Colbert knows all about right-wing blowhards, and he apparently knows the real purpose for yogurt (spread it on your head and it keeps the Clinton Foundation from reading your mind). So it’s only natural he weighed in on the new legal battle between Chobani and the red-faced Info Wars poobah Alex Jones.

Chobani is suing Jones for promoting a nonsensical conspiracy theory accusing the yogurt maker of spreading “crime and tuberculosis” by hiring refugees. (“Crime and Tuberculosis, Colbert concedes, is indeed one of the least favorite Chobani flavors, though it’s still better than pomegranate).

In the clip above from last night’s Late Show on CBS, Colbert takes on his Jones-like “Tuck Buckford” character, ranting about Big Yogurt, George Soros, a Charlie Brown-killing vampire Snoopy and ponders what all that fruit on the bottom is really hiding.

Funny thing is, Colbert’s Buckford isn’t all that much of an exaggeration. Watch the clip, which includes a bit of Jones, and see for yourself.