Update with video Melissa McCarthy paid an Easter visit to SNL, reprising her Sean Spicer, this time in an Easter Bunny costume just as the real Spicer did during the George W. Bush days. McCarthy’s belligerent Spicer once again addressed the press, trying to make amends for that “Holocaust Centers” snafu by talking about “Concentration Clubs.”

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, McCarthy rode off in a mobile egg. “Spicey’s gotta hippity hop,” she said, “cos this is probably our last Easter on Earth.”

Previous Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump welcomed Jimmy Fallon’s Jared Kushner to the Saturday Night Live White House tonight, in what was the NBC comedy’s first cold open ever to air live, simultaneously, coast-to-coast and in Canada.

Fallon played the First Son-in-Law without saying a word (see a clip below), a riff on Kushner’s publicity-shy approach to his newfound life in world politics. In the sketch, Baldwin’s Trump much choose, Apprentice-style, between the feuding Kushner and adviser Steve Bannon, played once again by cast member Mikey Day in Grim Reaper garb.

Spoiler alert if you’re not watching live, but Kushner wins, with Bannon hauled off by another, taller Grim Reaper. He’ll join Kellyanne Conway “in the basement,” Trump says.

Prior to the Apprentice show-down, Trump and Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence discuss the Administration’s first 100 days. Roster of accomplishments? Neil Gorsuch, and dropping a bomb “so big and fat it almost looks like me in my golf clothes.” (See a clip below).

As for Fallon, dressed in sunglasses, khakis, blazer and flack jacket, his appearance made a funny first impression, but his flirty, smiley boyishness smacked more of Justin Bieber than what we’ve seen of Jared Kushner. Baldwin’s Trump and Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer probably needn’t make room in SNL‘s political hall of fame.

Tonight’s episode was the first of four to air at the same time in all time zones across the country. The network continues the plan for rest of the season, with episodes hosted by Chris Pine (May 6), Melissa McCarthy (May 13) and Dwayne Johnson (May 20).