Dee Johnson, coming off a four-year stint as executive producer on Nashville while the country drama series was on ABC, is changing gears, joining National Geographic’s sci-fi event series Mars as executive producer and showrunner for the upcoming six-episode second season of the show, which blends cinema-quality scripted drama with documentary sequences.

Mars comes from Imagine Entertainment and Radical Media. Season 1 followed the first human mission to Mars, set in 2033, as the crew struggled to safely land on and create an initial settlement. In season two, we return to Mars years after the astronauts have established a full-fledged colony. But by this point, the International Mars Science Foundation— a multigovernment-sponsored space agency — cannot continue to solely finance the Mars expedition, so the doors of opportunity have swung wide open to the private sector. Tensions rise among original mission-driven scientists and miners sent by a for-profit corporation.