Jimmy Kimmel addressed Bill O’Reilly’s vacation as industry pundits, and the Murdochs, mull the Factor host’s future in the wake of that NYT report Fox News and O’Reilly paid five women nearly $13M in settlements for sexual and verbal harassment claims, going back 15 years.

Fox News’ parent, 21st Century Fox will investigate the harassment claims.

“I guess he had a vacation planned, and they thought it would look bad if he just quietly went off the air for a week” in the midst of all this “unwelcome publicity,” the ABC late-night star said at the top of Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. “So somebody over there thought it would be a good idea to turn his vacation into a contest.”

“Alright,” Kimmel said, deciding to play. “To hell maybe?”

O’Reilly announced at the end of Tuesday’s The O’Reilly Factor that he’s going on vacation, as he said he did same time last year, and announced a “Guess Where Bill Is Going” online contest.