Protesters in cities across the country are demanding that President Donald Trump release his personal income taxes, and even with violent flare-ups in Berkeley, California, the Tax March isn’t yet getting the blanket cable coverage of January’s Inauguration protests and the Women’s March.

“Show us your f***ing taxes, you emotional child,” comic Sarah Silverman said at the march in New York City (see video below).

With backing of dozens of organizations, Tax Marches are happening in New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Seattle, West Palm Beach and more than 100 others.

MSNBC and CNN broke into normal coverage when a brief violent incident between pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters in Berkeley around 1 pm PT, with reports of arrests and pepper spray.

While the marches didn’t feature the massive, televised speeches and stage appearances of the Women’s March, actors in Hollywood and New York showed their support both in person and online. Here’s Sarah Silverman speaking to marchers in NYC:

Silverman’s participation got a kiss of approval from Debra Messing:

Here’s a sampling of other tweets, starting with Chris Evans’ one-word reaction to Trump’s previous promise to release his taxes post-audit.