Universal PicturesThe Fate of the Furious, which is expected to take in another $35.5M to $36M domestically, has risen to a big $636.3M overseaas. The estimated take for the weekend is $171M as it plays out in its 65 markets. That means it will push past $750M by Sunday, which would be the fastest for any Universal film on that trek. The worldwide total as of this weekend should be in the neighborhood of $912M with the $1B threshold reached by early next week.

Like past F&F movies, this one will likely drop about 63% stateside, which means that the international audiences will be in the driver’s seat. The Fate of the Furious has, however, already out-grossed the international lifetime totals of the first six Fast & Furious films: The Fast and the Furious $62.9M; 2 Fast 2 Furious $109.1M; The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift$96M; Fast & Furious $208.3M; Fast Five $418.5M and Fast & Furious 6 $553.7M.

After a record-breaking opening weekend in China last week, the eighth installment of the franchise has continued its stronghold in the Middle Kingdom with a weekend estimate of $67M.

It opened in a number of small territories and its numbers were impressive. For instance, in Poland it opened No. 1 with $609K, which is the biggest opening day for the Fast franchise. Serbia & Montenegro opened No. 1 with $32K and, not surprisingly, set the record for the biggest Fast & Furious opening ever in the market.

The holdover territories are also performing well after the Easter holiday, keeping tight on its No. 1 status: Mexico ($30.5M total as of Sunday); U.K. ($29.7M); Brazil  ($24.8M); Germany ($23.4M); Russia  ($23.4M); Korea  ($19.6M); India  ($19.2M); France ($19M); Australia ($16.6M); Taiwan ($15.7M); Argentina ($14.3M); Italy  ($12.1M); and Spain ($10.1M).

It’s last market of Japan opens  on April 28.