War for the Planet of the Apes was introduced both via a film clip and the world premiere of the trailer at CinemaCon by Vice Chairman and President of Production Emma Watts Thursday. The next installment of the successful Fox franchise was directed by Matt Reeves, who was not in attendance as he was completing the film, Watts said. The film stars Andy Serkis who, this time, leads his apes against a mighty foe, a Colonel played by Woody Harrelson.

In the trailer, Caesar and his comrades ride wildly through the pine trees on horses in snow and come upon a seemingly abandoned house when they are surprised by a small ape who surrenders from a black cave. When he shows his face, he points to himself and says “Bad Ape” and “Cold” … and so introduces a new character into the mix. Caesar asks the little ape, “Are there more like you?” He says, “Humans get sick, ape gets smart.” He says he found a human zoo but everyone is dead now. Caesar asks him to take him and his comrades to what they believe is a military camp that is killing apes.

Eventually, they come upon the human troops, one with Monkey killer scrawled on his helmet reminiscent of the Vietnam War. Woody Harrelson then makes an appearance as the Colonel, and Caesar is captured. One of the gorillas is on the side of the Colonel when Caesar whispers to the large Gorilla that he’s part of the apes, not human.

Caesar then breaks out and starts his revenge against the Colonel who says he knows he came for the apes. Caesar says instead, “I came for you.” The film drops from Fox on July 14.