Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock, a documentary executive produced by Shailene Woodley about the Native-led defiance against the Dakota Access Pipeline, will get its world premiere in the Tribeca Film Festival’s New Online Work section. The NOW section of online storytelling runs throughout the April 19-30 festival.

The NOW screening lineup announced today includes the world premiere of Crypt TV’s Monster Madness, featuring shorts from Eli Roth’s Crypt TV brand.

“The NOW program is driven by discovery, to find the most exciting, emerging storytellers working today,” Tribeca Programmer Liza Domnitz said. “This year, we’ve curated an incredible group of filmmakers who’ve tackled comedy, genre and documentary – while varied, their commonality lies in an impressive ability to tackle everyday universal experiences, political realities and the esoteric with equal aplomb.”

The section of online fare followed earlier Tribeca announcements of the fest’s film slate and TV programs. In addition to the NOW showcase entries, the fest announced other special screenings and the April 26 return of its second annual Creators Market connecting online creators with buyers, producers and brands.

Here’s the full NOW line-up, with festival loglines:

NOW Special Screenings

Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock, directed by Josh Fox, James Spione, Myron Dewey, written by Floris White Bull, Josh Fox, Myron Dewey. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary. Standing Rock North Dakota became one of the most watched places on earth. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe captured world attention through their peaceful resistance. While many may know the details, Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock, executive produced by Shailene Woodley, captures the story of Native-led defiance that forever changed how we fight for clean water, our environment and the future of our planet.

Tribeca Film Festival

Crypt TV’s Monster Madness, directed by Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton, Alexander Babaev, Jon Kovel, Nicholas Mihm, John William Ross, Gabriel Younes and more. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative and Non-Scripted. Crypt TV’s Monster Madness features some of the best and biggest character shorts from the digital brand’s scaremakers. From a stunningly terrifying protector of the bullied to a child’s toy that reveals horrors around every corner of a suburban home to the real life tale of a man whose body is stretched and pierced into a piece of daring art, Crypt shorts proudly embrace the horror lifestyle. After the screening: A conversation with filmmaker Eli Roth, Crypt TV Chief Content Officer, Kate Krantz, and Crypt TV filmmakers Gabriel Younes, Anthony Melton, and Ben Franklin. Moderated by Crypt TV CEO & Co-Founder, Jack Davis.

Out of This World: Female Filmmakers in Genre
An evening of three diverse works from female filmmakers working online in the genre sphere, this line-up includes:

YOYO, directed by Nicole Delaney. (USA) World Premiere, Narrative. Caroline can’t stand that she is a virgin…And then the world ends. In post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, after a dust storm has wiped out humanity, she meets Francis and is convinced that he’s the man to pop her cherry.  With: Martin Starr, Sophie von Haselberg. Presented by DUST and Gunpowder & Sky.

Two Sentence Horror Stories: MA, directed by Vera Miao. (USA) World Premiere, Narrative. Like many traditional Chinese families, Mona still lives at home with her stern but loving Ma. When she meets cute Erica, their instant chemistry awakens something dormant inside. With: Wei Yi Lin, Ayesha Harris, Mardy Ma. A Stage 13 production.

Tribeca Film Festival

Pineapple (Episodes 1 & 2), directed by Arkasha Stevenson. (USA) New York Premiere, Narrative. The local coal mine in the town of Black Rock becomes a crime scene when a miner’s daughter is assaulted in its tunnels. She utters only one word, which leaves the town baffled: “pineapple.” With: Tyler Vickers, Kel Owens, Ron Gilbert, Gloria Vonn, Lucille Sharp, Brooklyn Robinson. An Adaptive Studios production. After the Screening: The screening will be followed by a moderated conversation with filmmakers Nicole Delaney, Vera Miao and Arkasha Stevenson.

The New York Times Op-Docs
Tribeca presents selections from The New York Times’ Op-Docs, short films that provide a window into universal experiences and acutely relevant conversations.

Undue Burden, directed by Gina Pollack. (USA) – New York Premiere. When you live in a state with laws that restrict access to abortion, an unwanted pregnancy is only the start of your difficulties.

Taller Than the Trees, directed by Megan Mylan. (USA) – Special Screening. Japanese men haven’t traditionally been caregivers. But for Masami Hayata, it’s a crucial part of raising his family.

Hotel U.S.A., directed by Andrea Meller & Marisa Pearl. (USA) – New York Premiere. For refugee families, the very first night in the U.S. can be an exciting and bewildering experience.

A curated selection of 10 independent, online creators invited to showcase their latest work on and at two public screenings as official Tribeca selections:

The Holdouts, directed by Ramon Campos Iriarte (Colombia) – World Premiere.
Midnight Service, directed by Dean Colin Marcial and produced by Brett Potter (USA) – World Premiere.
New Deep South, created by Lauren Cioffi and Rosie Haber (USA) – World Premiere.
New York is Dead, produced by Jenn Harris, Matthew Wilkas, and Randy Harrison and directed by Matthew Wilkas (USA) – World Premiere.
Woman of a Certain Age, created, written by, and starring Kate Dearing, co-directed by Amanda Cowper and Sami Kriegstein and co-produced by Dearing, Cowper and Kriegstein – (USA) World Premiere.
Heroin, directed by Jessica Beshir (USA) – World Premiere.
I Lived: Brooklyn, directed by Jonathan Nelson and produced by Danielle Andersen (USA) – World Premiere.
Phone Calls, co-directed by Bonnie Wright and Martin Cohn (USA) – World Premiere.
Shiva, Bankrukt Productions (Jeff Seal, Shaina Feinberg, Chris Roberti, Chris Manley) (USA) – World Premiere.
The Show About The Show, directed by Caveh Zahedi (USA) – World Premiere.