EXCLUSIVE, 2ND UPDATE, 2:16 PM: There will be no Sunday, Monday or Tuesday ratings today from Nielsen for irritated network executives after all.

“An update will be provided by 10:00am ETZ tomorrow morning (Thursday March 16th),” the data collection company informed clients about 40 minutes ago in its third update-but-no-action email of the day. That update Thursday morning will provide fast affiliate ratings for “Sunday March 12th, Monday March 13th and Tuesday March 14th,” Nielsen promises.

Still, four days after a power outage struck Nielsen’s main domestic facility, there is no word whether that means actual numbers for shows like the March 13 season finale of The Bachelor, last night’s This Is Us Season 1 ender, or the shows that packed Sunday’s primetime.

“We are running everything through additional vigorous checks to ensure the data meet our quality standards,” Nielsen told clients in their correspondence this afternoon. “While the ability to collect data was not impacted by the power outage, the speed of our processing systems was, which is why it’s taken longer for us to provide estimates on data availability.”

That’s for sure — or, as one net exec just told me, “Ugh!”

UPDATE, 12:25 PM: There may be some resolution to the power outage that crippled Nielsen’s top domestic data collection facility in Florida this weekend. Or not, and that is straining network execs’ patience.

“An update will be provided by 4:30pm ET today (Wednesday March 15th),” the company told network clients in today’s second update email. “Fast Affiliates and Fasties data for Sunday March 12th, Monday March 13th and Tuesday March 14th” will be included in the update, Nielsen also says.

However, there remains no assurance that actual data for shows like American Crime, the season finale of The Bachelor, The Voice or last night’s This Is Us Season 1 finale will be made available.

“This has become a joke with these emails of updates but no real information,” a patience-losing Big 4 exec told Deadline after receiving the latest correspondence from Nielsen this morning. The company has blown off a couple of self-appointed deadlines already on when clients would learn more on the situation from Oldsmar, FL.

Another broadcaster bigwig took a different perspective after the long ratings delay. “It’s been a nice break for us, and all business, including sales, has proceeded very nicely without them,” he said, tongue somewhat in cheek.

Aside from some Saturday numbers finally making it through the pipeline earlier today, Nielsen hasn’t had ratings for the networks and cablers in four days. It means no data has surfaced for big shows on several broadcast networks — nor for cable blockbusters like AMC’s The Walking Dead. 

Stay tuned.

PREVIOUSLY, 8:06 AM: After an inaugural season that has seen big numbers for This Is Us week after week, last night’s highly anticipated and well-hyped finale of the NBC drama was expected to score in the ratings. And, unlike the past three days of a data drought from Nielsen, we might actually discover today how the Dan Fogelman created show as well as everything else on primetime did – maybe.

“An update will be provided by 12:00noon ETZ today (Wednesday March 15th),” said Nielsen in an email early this morning to its network clients. A status report on Fast Affiliates and Fasties data for Sunday March 12th, Monday March 13th and Tuesday March 14th” will be among the info that Nielsen promises it will be sharing with that update.

“Why can’t they be more transparent and tell us when we will really know what the numbers are?” one annoyed Big 4 exec said to Deadline this morning. “Information from Nielsen has been coming in dribs and drabs ever since this started on the weekend, and that’s not confidence inspiring,” he added.

Four days after a power outage at the company’s primary domestic facility in Oldsmar, FL, unplugged the collection of what adults 18-49 have been watching on the Big 4, the CW and cable, there is already some movement. “Data for Saturday March 11th is targeted for release at 10:00am ETZ,” Nielsen also said today. And Big 4 sources confirm to me that they now have the numbers for Saturday night

Still, while primetime fast affiliates for Saturday are in the hands of the still frustrated nets now, there are currently no numbers for this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, nor Sunday or Monday evening – which included big shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead, NBC’s The Voice and ABC’s Season 21 finale of The Bachelor.

This is where things stand for last night’s This Is Us and everyone else.

We’ll update with more info and maybe even some actual ratings as we learn more.