Late Night took a long, hard Closer Look at President Donald Trump’s reaction to his really bad week. On the list: Trumpcare’s dwindling support in Congress, Republicans openly challenging his claim President Barack Obama wiretapped him during the election, and a judge putting the brakes on Travel Ban 2.0.

Trump, who had promised voters during the campaign “we’re going to win so much you’re going to get sick and tired of winning” (if you are sick and tired, go see your doctor before Trump takes away your health care, Meyers advised), responded to the setbacks by telling fans at a rally this week that his administration had “done far more than anybody has done in this office in 50 days, that I can tell you.”

“Trump has done more in office, the way a toddler helps out in the kitchen. He may be trying, but by the time he leaves, there is snot on the fridge and a shoe in the dishwasher,” the NBC late-night host joked.

Rather than explain to supporters how he plans to move forward on the travel ban, or health care, Trump again attacked the media.

“Trump’s complaints and paranoia about his bad press have become almost incoherent,” Meyers observed. He pointed to Trump’s Wednesday night interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in which he complained the press had caused the positive reviews for his speech to Congress to be followed by more bad stories. In that interview, Trump also claimed Obama had intentionally designed Obamacare to fall apart after he left office.

And, at a rally in Tennessee this week, Trump defended his travel ban by lapsing into one of his favorite routines from the campaign: bashing Hillary Clinton.

“Wow! You guys are still doing ‘Lock Her Up’? ” marveled Meyers, which, in fairness, he acknowledged could be likened to attending a Billy Joel concert. “When you go see Billy Joel, you want to hear ‘Piano Man’.”

Trump capped his Really Terrible Week unveiling his budget blueprint, which, as expected, called for whacking the National Endowment for the Arts and other government orgs. One of them, however, surprised even Meyers:

“Meals on Wheels?! How dead inside do you have to be to not want to get food to old people?! Your heart is so small it makes your tiny hands look like catcher’s mitts,” Meyers told Trump.

“Old people voted for you. Your key demographics were ‘old people’ and ‘older people.’ They believed you when you said you cared about them.”