Samuel L. Jackson has had a long and successful acting career (he currently has 172 credits on IMDb), starring in films like Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, Do the Right Thing, Deep Blue Sea, Coach Carter, the Star Wars prequels, Marvel films and many, many more. Teaming up with James Corden on the Late Late Show, the duo acted out Jackson’s career, which featured some famous one-liners.

Beginning with Pulp Fiction, the two donned wigs and black blazers as Jackson recited a monologue, the two then switched over to do a Jackie Brown scene followed by Shaft, Kingsman: The Secret Service and The Negotiator.

The audience got a kick when Corden impersonated Vin Diesel in xXx, but the real kicker came when Jackson delivered the “hold on to your butts” line from Jurassic Park.

The 11-minute video also featured Jackson’s latest film Kong: Skull Island, now in theaters. “I tell you what, this movie looks incredible, Sam, it really does,” Corden said dressed as the giant gorilla.

Check out the full video above.