“Ever since voters invited a bunch of state mashing, wall building, America First, Breitbart aficionados to slither out of their swamp and run the country for a while, we’ve been introduced to so much of their subculture’s fascinating slang. One angry insomniac rage tweet at a time,” Samantha Bee began Wednesday’s Full Frontal.

This week, for instance, we learned all about “Deep State.”

Cut to clips from the nation’s No. 1 cable news network “mainstreaming one of the far right’s favorite conspiracy fever dreams straight into our president’s gullible eye holes.” And Paul Sperry telling scary bedtime stories to Info Wars’ audience about the “bunker” cum “shadow White House within two miles” of Actual White House that former POTUS Barack Obama has set up.

“God, you guys get so upset every time a black guy moves into the wrong neighborhood!” Bee observed.

When asked at a recent press briefing if  President Donald Trump’s White House really sees “deep state” as a threat, Press Secy Sean Spicer responded that it should come as no surprise to them “there are people that burrowed in to government during eight years of the last administration and may have believed in that agenda and want to continue to seek it.”

Translated Bee: “He wants you to believe that these rogue deep-state infiltrators are poison-blooded Mole People and not just bland paper pushers who locked into government jobs with benefits.”

Think of these federal employees, who are almost evenly divided between Dems and Republicans, as terrified passengers on a bus that’s “now being driven by a feral paranoid monkey,” Bee advised viewers.

“They’re not trying to kick him out of the drivers seat. They know we chose the monkey to be the bus driver because Hillary used email, and is a woman – and they respect that. They’re just trying to turn the wheel slightly while the monkey is masturbating, so we don’t run over a cliff.

“And, frankly, even the monkey should be in favor of that.”