Netflix has acquired global streaming rights to Madre, Aaron Burns’ psychological thriller making its premiere at SXSW tonight. Burns, who’s worked with horror maestro Eli Roth as both an actor and second unit director, marks his sophomore turn as feature director with the new film.

Take a look at the teaser trailer above – unless you’re particularly squeamish about bugs, ear canals and that unholy place where the two meet.

Madre stars Chilean actress Daniela Ramírez (La Poseída, Los Archivos del Cardenal) as a four-months-pregnant mother of a severely autistic boy (Matías Bassi). After a chance encounter with a gifted Filipino caretaker (Aida Jabolin), the young mother begins to suspect that the new nanny is using the language barrier to turn the boy against her. And then things get sinister.

Burns, who appeared in Roth’s pics The Green Inferno and Keanu Reeves-starrer Knock, Knock, directs Madre from his own original screenplay. His comedy Blacktino was released in 2011, and before that he worked on visual effects for Grindhouse and Machete, among other credits.

Madre is produced by Nicolás López and Miguel Asensio Llamas, and is the first feature film for Purgatorio, a new genre production label within Sobras International Pictures (Knock Knock, The Green Inferno). The production company will focus on horror content for mainstream audiences “using the best of the extensive and rich Latin American folklore.”

Netflix will begin streaming Madre exclusively by the end of 2017.

Take a look at the clip. And keep your ears covered.