SPOILER ALERT: The story includes details about the Season 5 midseaoson finale of Nashville.

At the end of the tonight’s midseason finale of Nashville, CMT unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming second half of Season 5, which provides a ton of clues about what the future holds for the show’s main characters.


After wrapping fittingly the story of the immediate aftermath of Rayna James’ death in tonight’s finale by everyone from her inner circle — her grieving husband Deacon (Charles Esten) and daughters Maddie and Daphne (Lennon and Maisy Stella) as well as her friends/Highway 65 musicians Scarlett (Claire Bowen) & Gunnar (Sam Palladino), Juliette (Hayden Penettiere) & Avery (Jonathan Jackson) and Will (Chris Carmack) — coming together to help finish her final album, the show dropped a bombshell in the final seconds when Scarlett told Gunnar that she was pregnant and did not know who the father was. (She had been double dating her on-and-off boyfriend and her music video director at one point.) The trailer gives information how that story — a throwback to the famous Friends season finale cliffhanger with Rachel’s positive pregnancy test — will develop. (Hint: It involves a paternity test.)


Other tidbits from the teaser: Juliette stumbles in her return to the stage, literally. After Maddie acted out last season, it is Daphne’s turn as the little sister, hit hard by her mom’s death, will be in for a lot of trouble, giving Deacon major headaches. Juliette — who already made missteps in tonight’s finale by pushing Maddie into the spotlight a little too hard and a little too soon after her mother’s death — might not be a manager material with what appears to be some bad recording advise to her new protege. (Juliette appointed herself to the position of a manager to Maddie in tonight’s finale.) And surprise, surprise: Deacon and tech billionaire Zach again will be butting heads over Highway 65.

The trailer does not provide glimpses of the major new Nashville cast additions announced tonight, Rachel Bilson and Kaitlin Doubleday, who will be joining in the second half of Season 2. Nashville returns with new episodes in the summer. Watch the trailer above.