Appears White House Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway will continue discussing her victimhood, in an interview for CBS Sunday Morning. It would appear, based on what little we saw this morning in a preview of the interview that aired on CBS This Morning, Norah O’Donnell was willing to accommodate.

O’Donnell said Conway will open up “about the pressures of working in the male dominated world of politics” and “how she gave up money, privacy and time with her family” in order to take her plum job in the White House. O’Donnell did not mention who had forced Conway to give up money, privacy and time with her family; hopefully we will find out on Sunday.

Given all that she has sacrificed, it seemed a bit odd O’Donnell got asked on CBS This Morning if Conway might consider a run for a political office. Hasn’t she suffered enough?

Cut to clip of Conway saying it’s not enough to have “the fire in your belly” to run for office any more. “You have to have the bile in your throat.”

“This is why I think many women do not run for office,” said the woman credited with creating the Bowling Green Massacre and coining the phrase “alternative facts.”

“To swallow so much…that the country looks at you through this negative lens,” Conway continued. “Corruption, and cronyism, and you’re lying, and you want money, and you’re motivated by power.”

Continuing on her theme, O’Donnell said she discussed with Conway the Saturday Night Live skits about her, and “whether they went too far.”

The interview with Conway, O’Donnell said, also will delve into “the struggles of moving her family to Washington, D.C.”