“There’s so much crazy stuff going on, and this whole Trump and Russia thing isn’t going away anytime soon,” Jimmy Kimmel forecast at the top of his ABC late-night show. “According to a big story by the Associated Press, Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort – who ran the Trump campaign for six months – back in 2006 had a $10 million a year contract with a Russian billionaire. And his job was to promote the interests of Vladmir Putin. He says that while he did consult his Russian client on personal and business matters, his work ‘did not involve representing Russian political interests,’” Kimmel marveled.

“Remember that Captain America movie a few years back when the government was full of HYDRA agents, and it seemed, ‘That would never…?’  That’s a documentary now,” Kimmel snarked.

Kimmel dared his studio audience to imagine what President Trump would be tweeting if Obama or Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager had a $10M a year contract to promote the Russian government.

“He wouldn’t know what to tweet. The words wouldn’t even come out of his Twitter,” Kimmel said. “He’d be so excited, he’d probably have to start using emojis. He would tweet: Bear, bear, handcuffs, White House, prison bars, Russian flag, middle finger, devil face, babushka, babushka, babushka. He would go completely off the rails!”

“And, by the way, even if you love Donald Trump? You know that’s true!” he added. “You know it!  You know he would be tweeting until his tiny little thumbs broke off!”