ICM Partners has just hired political strategist Hannah Linkenhoker to work with the agency and their clients on issue-based advocacy and advise on policy-oriented causes ranging from human rights, immigration, pay equity, political reform and other issues. Her hiring comes at a time where there seems to be renewed interest from the entertainment industry and from other talent agencies around town who are getting more and more engaged in social and political causes. She started (appropriately) today, on International Women’s Day and is based in the Los Angeles office.

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Likenhoker joins the agency from NMA Consulting Partners where she has been managing director for the last couple of years. She is currently helping the agency to organize “A Day of Service” — which will take place later this month to honor Women’s History Month; the initiative she is organizing will help support women in need both in Los Angeles and New York.

The agency had been working with NMA for about six years, first with Noah Mamet (until he left for an Ambassadorship) and then with Linkenhoker as the point person. “We were constantly doing things together with NMA and after Noah left, what ended up happening is that I was constantly calling Hannah, so I said to her, you might as well come work here. She is so smart about pinpointing what is at the core of what someone really wants to do and then figuring out the right way to have the highest impact,” said ICM managing partner Chris Silbermann, who has been one of the town’s most engaged executives in political causes and engaging for social impact. In fact, Silbermann hosted both President Obama (twice) and Hillary Clinton at his home during the election cycles.

“I have gotten even more engaged in defending Planned Parenthood and other organizations, and we started getting questions from our colleagues, and most importantly, our clients asking, ‘What are we doing about this (a particular issue)?'” said Silbermann. “The time we are living in now, if there is an issue that is important for you, there are so many ways to galvanize change. Our clients have a huge impact on social media and in the way they can affect storytelling. Hannah has been helping us and will continue to help us all navigate our way through the process.”

Likenhoker, Silbermann said, already has a shorthand as she knows everyone at ICM, so becoming an employee at the agency “just fit like a glove,” he said.

Linkenhoker’s experience on policy issues ranges from education reform to travel and tourism, civil rights, campaign finance, clean energy, global water and sanitation, and the local homelessness crisis. She spent years advocating for the successful reauthorization of the Every Student Succeeds Act, and was involved with the creation and subsequent reauthorization of Brand USA. She has worked in partnership with Water.org, the National Democratic Institute and other global NGOs.

In addition, she serves on the Advisory Board at the Geffen Playhouse and as a Green Dot Public Schools Ambassador. In 2016, she co-founded the Los Angeles Women’s Collective, a political action committee working to elect more women to higher office. She has also been engaged on the state and local levels for public education and the LA homelessness crisis.