Ra’s Al Ghul appeared on Arrow a few seasons back and it seemed only a matter of time until one of Batman’s deadliest foes showed up on Gotham next – and here the DC supervillain comes. Game of Thrones alum Alexander Siddig has been cast to play the head of the League of Shadows on Fox’s Dark Knight backstory series from Bruno Heller.

Currently on a late winter break, Gotham returns for the rest of its third season next month with Siddig’s Ra’s Al Ghul expected to make his on-screen debut soon afterwards. The character will be revealed on the show as David Mazouz’s young Bruce Wayne begins to finds out who is really behind the secret Court of Owls council that seems to run everything in Gotham.

Created by DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz, writer Dennis O’Neil and artist Neal Adams, Ra’s Al Ghul was first introduced into the Batman canon back in 1971. A quick fan favorite, the supervillain has since proved an adversary to not just Batman, but Arrow, Superman and more of the caped crowd as well. He’s also been a presence on the live-action scene with Liam Neeson playing Ra’s Al Ghul in Christopher Nolan’s big screen Batman blockbusters. Matt Nable portrayed the character starting in Season 3 of the CW’s Arrow. Ra’s Al Ghul also was a presence in the CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

A vet of Star Trek Deep Space Nice and GoT, where he played Prince Doran Martell in Seasons 5 and 6 of the Emmy-winning HBO show, Siddig has also recently appeared in Peaky Blinders and 2015’s Tut on Spike TV. Siddig is repped by Anonymous Content and the UK’s Markham, Froggatt and Irwin.

Gotham returns on April 24.